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酒井先生、福田先生、遠山先生が日本再生医療学会で講演と発表 / Dr.Sakai, Fukuda, and Tohyama gave a lecture and presentations.



酒井 康行 教育講演「マイクロフィジオロジカルシステムの現在と未来」

福田 淳二 「毛髪再生医療のための工学的アプローチ」

遠山 周吾 「代謝制御に基づくヒトiPS細胞由来心筋細胞の作製と再生医療への応用」

学会は「翔べ再生医療 -幹細胞生物学と組織工学の共創-」をテーマに、オンラインにて3/17(木)~19(土)に開催されました。

Dr.Sakai, Fukuda, and Tohyama gave a lecture and presentations at the "21st Congress of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine".

Presenters and titles are as follows;

Dr.Sakai: Educational lecture "Current status and future of microphysiological systems"

Dr.Fukuda: "Engineering approaches for hair regenerative medicine"

Dr.Tohyama: "Metabolism-Based Production of Cardiomyocytes from Human iPSCs for Regenerative Therapy"

It was held online under the theme of "Fly, Regenerative medicine---Co-Creation of Stem Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering---" from March 17th to 19th.

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