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荒川先生の薬物動態変化に関するレビュー論文が掲載されました/Dr.Arakawa's review paper on Pharmacokinetics was published.

A03班の荒川大先生の腎臓および肝臓における薬物動態に関するレビュー論文が「Drug Metabolism and Disposition」 に2月28日に掲載されました。



Dr.Arakawa's review paper on Pharmacokinetics in kidney and liver was published in "Drug Metabolism and Disposition" on 28th February.

The title is "Emerging Roles of Uremic Toxins and Inflammatory Cytokines in the Alteration of Hepatic Drug Disposition in Patients with Kidney Dysfunction".

This mini-review summarizes changes in renal and hepatic pharmacokinetics and potential mechanisms of renal dysfunction, such as chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury.

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