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  • Sugimoto

大久保先生の日本先天異常学会での発表が優秀演題に選ばれました / Dr.Okubo's presentation was selected as an excellent presentation.



発表では、先生らが開発したiSDT(integrated Signal Disruption Test)法が、ヒトの発生毒性を高精度・網羅的に評価可能であると紹介されています。

Dr.Okubo's presentation at the Japanese Teratology Society was selected as an excellent presentation.

The title is "Development of a highly accurate and comprehensive developmental toxicity test method based on the dynamics of signal disruption using human iPS cells".

It introduces that the iSDT (integrated Signal Disruption Test) method developed by Dr.Okubo et al. is capable of highly accurate and comprehensive evaluation of human developmental toxicity.

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